The No Lights No Lycra Story


We dance in the dark in more than 75 locations around the world and we’ve been doing it since 2009!

We turn off the lights and crank up the tunes to release our inhibitions, move our moods and work up a wild sweat – all completely sober.

We are mums, dads, students, lawyers and baristas, from 12 to 100 years old. We all have one thing in common; in the dark we come alive, shake the blues away and get lost in the music.

Yeah it might seem a little bit strange, we’ve heard that a few times before, but since 2009 we’ve had more than 500,000 people get their groove on at a No Lights No Lycra.

With those kinds of numbers, it can’t be all that odd!

We grew from a small gathering in Melbourne into a global community, simply because joy is contagious, and people love to dance.

Each and every No Lights around the world brings its own unique personality to the dance floor. Our local events are run by the community, for the community, with a view of building a space that someone in Yangon, Myanmar or Alice Springs in the Northern Territory will love just as much as someone in Melbourne.

Lights Out, Let’s Dance – there’s room for you on our dance floor. 

Come to us with whatever vibe has brought you through the day; we shake off sadness and heartache within the space of an hour. If you’re jubilant and joyful already when you walk through the door, we’ll help you turn it up a notch.

“if you can dance and be free and not embarrassed you can rule the world.” 
― Amy Poehler, Yes Please


HISTORY OF No Lights No Lycra

On a cold wintry Tuesday night in June 2009, five people walked through the doors of St Marks Church Hall in Fitzroy, Melbourne. In the winter darkness, the light glow of the heaters and a portrait of Amma the Hugging Saint looking down upon them, No Lights No Lycra was launched to the song Rien de Rien by Edith Piath. The dance night grew through word of mouth and within a few months the hall was full of people who shared the same yearning for a dimly lit space to dance as freely as they do in their living rooms.

No Lights No Lycra now runs dance nights throughout Australia and the world.