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No Light No Lycra to be held every Wednesday at Mayfair

DARWIN movers and shakers can let loose at this year’s first No Light No Lycra.

The night of dancing in the dark with no rules struck a chord with Darwin locals at the few events held last year.

Darwin ambassador Ella Barrett said the night, to be held every Wednesday from 7pm at Mayfair, attracted a wide variety of people.

“People come for a lot of different reasons, whether it’s to exercise or de-stress,” she said. “It’s just an opportunity to dance – as cliched as it sounds – like no one is watching in an environment different to a nightclub or a dance class. It’s about having a good time without the other stuff in a non-intimidating environment.”

The evening starts in complete darkness with dim lights coming on at the end.

Since No Light No Lycra first began in 2009 in Melbourne it has gone global and finally set up camp in Darwin.

“My sister and her friend started it in 2009 and I moved to Darwin and wanted to start my own,” she said. “Darwin is the last capital city in Australia to get it.”