No Lights No Lycra Heart Foundation Regional Tour

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INTERVIEW – No Lights No Lycra? Goat Yoga? What’s you favourite exercise fad?


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Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

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Burrinja in Motion

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Dancers are being asked to make dance as well as be dancers. Susan Bendall offers some ideas to stimulate your choreography gene.

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No lights no lycra returns to Torquay

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Love Dancing, Hate Clubs? Here’s A Few Spots Around Perth For A Friendly Boogie

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My favourite workout is…

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No Lights No Lycra Dance as a part of Leaps and Bounds Festival 2022


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Fundraiser for Ukraine

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DANCING IN THE DARK: No Lights No Lycra is the weekly event you didn’t know you needed in your life

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No Lights No Lycra Sutherland Returns

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Dance all your troubles away!


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“It’s a community that promotes health and well-being through dance”

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With restrictions easing, No Lights No Lycra is coming back in a big way…

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No Lights is Good for the Soul

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No Lights No Lycra make it to Hollywood!

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Fringe Review: No Lights No Lycra Adelaide

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No Lights No Lycra goes online

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Tavi Gevinson Came To Australia, Is Now Preferred Prime Minister

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A decade of dancing in the dark: No Lights No Lycra turns 10


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Pedestrian – How To Surrender Your Awkward Body To Dance Without Cringing In Embarrassment


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Herald Sun – Wellness movement celebrates 10 years of dancing in the dark

Ten years ago, a group of friends got together to boogie in the shadows. No Lights No Lycra is an international sensation and now it’s celebrating its birthday with a series of free parties.

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The University of Sydney Study

The University of Sydney Research Project

The purpose of this research was to find out who is attending No Lights No Lycra and understand why they attend, who they attend with and what the appeal of dancing in the dark is. No Lights No Lycra uses an innovative approach to get people moving and anecdotally has a positive impact on the physical and mental health of people who participate – but we wanted to do the research to REALLY understand.

This research project was  led by SPRINTER, a sport and physical activity research group at the School of Public Health, based in the Charles Perkins Centre, the University of Sydney.

This project has now been completed and the completed study is available to read here

If you have any questions about this research, please read the participant information statement available here or contact Bridget Foley –


Heart Foundation Regional Tour

No Lights, No Lycra the global dancing-in-the-dark sensation that began in Melbourne in 2009 and is now in 70+ countries, is returning to its roots. In April and May, 2019, No Lights No Lycra will bring their famous sober and drug-free approach to dance to town halls across regional Victoria.

Mental health in our rural communities, particularly with the drought, is lower than in our cities. Dancing has been shown to have a positive impact on physical and emotional health, and with support from the Heart Foundation, No Lights No Lycra wants to support locals to support positive health—and reinvigorate local, regional built spaces.


April 29th – Ballarat

April 30th – Donald

May 1st – Ouyen

May 3rd – Mildura

May 6th – Shepparton

May 7th – Wodonga

May 8th – Yakandandah

May 9th – Beechworth


Dance Break

No Lights No Lycra Dance Break is a free app that makes you stop and dance once a day.

The app inspires users around the world to break into dance every day by overriding their phone with an energizing track. At the end of each track, a map reveals the location and number of people who danced globally.

No Lights No Lycra Dance Break is the brainchild of the Melbourne duo behind No Lights, No Lycra. The app is the next evolution in No Lights No Lycra’s no-judgement dance movement with users encouraged to dance wherever they are – at home, in the office, at school or on the street.

Dancing for even a few minutes a day is a great way for individuals, schools and organisations to improve physical and mental health, and increase productivity. The app has been developed with funding from VicHealth’s Innovation Challenge, which supports creative initiatives that get more Victorians moving more often.

No Lights No Lycra Dance Break is currently unavailable –  we are keen to get the app available once again, if you’re involved with an organisation that could help, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Reclink Australia

In 2018 No Lights No Lycra teamed up with Reclink Australia for a series of essential community engagement workshops.

Reclink Australia provides evidence-based sport and art programs to disadvantaged Australians to create socially inclusive, life-changing opportunities.

In partnership with more than 200 community organisations, Reclink Australia’s programs create pathways to improved health and wellbeing, education and employment outcomes for all participants.

The No Lights No Lycra collaboration with Reclink Australia further explores the link between dance and its positive impact on health and well being. Lights out, it’s time to dance.

Head here for further information about Reclink Australia.

All About Women

In early 2017 No Lights No Lycra had the privilege to close out the All About Women festival held at The Sydney Opera House.

All About Women, running for 6 years now, celebrates International Women’s Day with a full day of discussions and events. Curated by Edwina Throsby, formerly the TEDxSydney Head of Curation and founder and producer of ABC’s Big Ideas. Designed to make you think and push your boundaries, All About Women is a vibrant festival that asks questions about gender, justice and equality.

This Girl Can

No Lights No Lycra is proud to partner with Vic Health and This Girl Can to present fun and positive fitness activities for women.

Girls Make Your Move

In 2017 No Lights No Lycra teamed up with the Department of Health on their initiative ‘Girls Make Your Move’ to present free dance events all across Australia for girls aged 12-19.

The campaign was initiated in response to the experience of judgement many young women experience from society, parents, peers, media, school, social media (basically everywhere) which can create a mode of self-consciousness that can prevent them from doing the things that they love.

The Girl’s Make Your Move campaign helped push past those barriers to generate positive perceptions of physical activity to inspire, energise, and empower young women.